Our 8mm Aqua Laminate is perfect for all living areas, it’s hygienic, durable and easy to care for. It is significantly more resistant to water impact than other laminates.

The floor coverings are more resistant to moisture by a factor of 5 compared to classic laminate flooring. Perfect for bathrooms and kitchens!

There are many different colours, styles and ranges to choose from at amazing prices.


The name laminate flooring originates from “lamina”, which is latin for “layer”. The layered composition of this flooring technology combines the strengths of wood, paper and resin. The hard-wearing overlay is on top. it protects the decor image underneath, which is either printed on paper or directly onto he HDF coreboard. In order o prevent deformation, what is known as a “balancer paper” is applied to the reverse side of the coreboard.

  1. Resilient, highly abrasion-resistant overlay
  2. Decor paper
  3. Swell barrier-plus coreboard made from natural wood fibres
  4. Balancer

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